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Frequently Asked Questions

Individual tickets for each event don’t allow entrance to other events even if they happen on the same day. Example: Tickets for “Brunch Electronik” won’t give you access to “X by Adriatique”.

Sonar tickets won’t give you access to any OFFSónar events (Sonar Day, Sonar Night, SonarPass, Sonar +D, etc).

You must be at least 18 years old to enter all OFFSónar events.

All OFFSónar events have a running time from 17h until 02h.

Yes, the site is adapted for people with disabiliites.

Photo and video cameras are not allowed.

No, but there is a designated area where you can leave not permitted items.

There’s not a Tobacco selling point inside, you should bring yours from outside.

Entering with a suitcase is not permitted.

Umbrellas with sharp points are not permitted.

Helmets are not allowed in the venue.

You can only enter water in a plastic bottle of less than 0,5 liters.

Entering with food is not permitted.