Festival Times

What are the OFFSónar opening hours?

All OFFSónar events start at 5pm and end at 2am.

Until what time can you enter OFFSónar?

You can enter up until the event is over at 2am.

Where can I find the festival line ups?

You can find the line ups on the different event pages in the OFFSónar web, or on our different social media platforms (IG & FB).

General Questions

Can I bring my camera?

Neither professional cameras or video recording cameras are allowed into the venue.

Can I bring my skate?


Is there a map showing where the different stages are located?

Yes there is a map, you can find it here.

Is there a cloakroom?

There isn’t a cloakroom, but there is an area where you can leave helmets and small bags if needed.

Can I enter with a helmet?

Yes, but you must leave it at the assigned area for helmets.

Is there a lost and found area?

All lost items will be taken to the Centris offices, where you will be able to pick them up after the festival. If you lose anything please contact: info@offsonar.co

Is their a first aid point?


Can I access the venue with food or drink?


Can I smoke inside?

You can smoke in the outdoor areas, not indoors.

What is the payment method at the festival?

You can pay in cash or with a credit card.

Is it possible to buy merchandising?


Can I buy tobacco inside?


Can I buy food?

Yes, there will be a food vendor at each of the stages.

Can I buy vegan food?


Is there WIFI access?


What is the entry age limit?

You must be at least 18 to enter all OFFSónar events.

Is there site access for people with disabilities?

Yes, the site is adapted for people with disabilities.

Are there special prices for people with reduced mobility?


Are there toilets for people with disabilities?


Can I find security at the venue?


What should I do if I want to make a complaint?

There are complaint sheets at the entrance of the festival. You can also fill one here: http://consum.gencat.cat

Can I access and exit the venue as I wish?

No, once you exit you can’t re-enter.

Can I bring a bag?

You can bring reasonably sized bags (i.e. a backpack is fine, but luggage is not permitted).

If I still have questions about OFFSónar what can I do?

You may contact us through our social media platforms (IG & FB), or info@offsonar.co


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy them via our web.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes, as long as the event is not sold out, to guarantee your access we always recommend buying the tickets online.

Can I buy a ticket for a friend?

Yes, you can buy a ticket and give it to a friend.

What happens if I buy a ticket from a non-official ticket seller? How can I be sure that it is legitimate?

We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of a ticket bought from another vendor that is not our official distributor.

What should I do if I haven’t received a confirmation email for my ticket?

You must contact the official ticket distributor, Resident Advisor.

Can I get an invoice for my ticket?

Yes, you can get an invoice via info@offsonar.co

I’m having problems buying my ticket, what can I do?
  • Try another credit or debit card.
  • Try using another browser.
  • Try using PayPal to pay.
  • If none of these options work, please contact RA.
If tickets are sold out on Resident Advisor can I buy one at the door?

If tickets are sold out on RA your only option is to buy one through the RA re-sale, which appears on the same link. When someone wants to sell their ticket it will appear as available.

What do the VIP/Backstage tickets include?

The give you access an express entrance, backstage access, a VIP bar, and VIP bathrooms. It doesn’t give access to the stage.

How can I book a VIP table?

For VIP bookings and tables please contact vip@centris-events.com.

Can I change or cancel a ticket I’ve bought?

No changes or cancellations are allowed once you have bought the ticket.

If you have any other questions you may contact us through our social media platforms (IG & FB) or info@offsonar.co