June 18, 2020

Detroit Love by Carl Craig

A celebration of the continuing influence of Detroit techno around the world Carl Craig’s love-letter to the motor-city returns once more to showcase timeless sounds from the architects and evangelists of the classic techno sound. 18 June 2020 — Monasterio Tickets on sale now.

A man born out-of-time, Carl Craig's trajectory as a DJ, Producer, and ambassador of tha' D is aimed with a…
Poble Espanyol
Poble Espanyol is an open-air architectural museum situated on the steps of the Montjuïc mountain overlooking Barcelona. With expansive squares, panoramic lookouts, intimate lanes, and lush greenery, it offers a diversity of experiences across it’s three venues.
Situated at the highest point of Poble Espanyol, the Monasterio offers an intimate dancefloor with panoramic views across Barcelona. Magical at sunset.